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These works of art combine beauty and function as they conduct your rain water from the rain chain downspouts or scuppers. Through the ages humankind has been drawn to the fascination of flowing, rippling water. Japanese rain chains have captured the imagination and hearts of many discerning homeowners. Your home can be unique when you enhance it with outstanding artistry. If you have installed seamless rain gutters, cap off the project with stunning rain gutter chains, such as brass cups, or copper bells. If you have copper rain gutters, then of course copper rain chain is a must have item! Be sure to look at the Copper Bells, and the Extra Link Copper Rain Chains. The brass rain chain has cups offering simple elegance to any setting.

Benefits are even greater when you use these eye-catching rain chain designs in combination with a rain barrel water collection system for your lawn and garden. Good ecology and striking beauty flow together to assist you in your efforts to make a better environment. Our rain chains direct your collected water into your rain barrel or wherever you choose for the discharged water.

Solid metal construction yields years of satisfaction, as the natural patina develops to add a sense of timeless aesthetic attractiveness. We are convinced you will get great satisfaction from your commitment to excellent design and effective conservation. Let us help you in any way we can to achieve your goals.
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